Childhood Month

Okay, first of all here’s the image/theme for next month, starting tomorrow:

This is the theme I’ve been the most excited about since we started so I’m really glad to finally be sharing it with you <3 My favourite thing about Lifescouts is our promotion of the idea that meaningful experiences don’t have to be challenging/expensive experiences - seeing the sunrise, planting a tree, going bowling, etc. Childhood month is absolutely full of those: the essential childhood experiences that anyone can get but are still worth getting. I really hope you like it as much as I do :D

Music month seems to have gone down pretty well - here are some stats, based on badge sales:

The most-sold instrument badge this month is ukulele (42 badges) followed by piano (22 badges)
The least-sold instrument badge is cello with just 2 sold
More people have performed on stage than sung karaoke
More people have written a song than attended a concert
More people play accordion than drums!

One last thing I wanna talk to you about (sorry this is so long): this ‘series’ of Lifescouts badges is gonna be finishing at the end of July. For full disclosure, here’s the schedule:

May - Childhood Month (10 badges)
June - Carnival Month (10 badges)
July - anything goes (10 badges)

If you’re keeping count, you’ll see that releasing badges till then will take us to a hundred total Lifescouts badges. That seems like a good time for a break, so for the rest of the year we’ll stop releasing new badges and give everyone a chance to earn some of the ones we’ve already put out! We’ll reblog stories from people as they get new badges, link to any Lifescouts gatherings/events being organised, and generally try our best to encourage you to get those badges. It’ll be like Pokémon - a hundred to collect, aim for as many as you can :) At some point we’ll probably start again with a new ‘series’ of another 100 but that won’t be for a while. I felt that was fairest to let everyone catch up and stuff!


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