Lifescouts at SitC

Hey all,

For those going to Summer In The City in London this weekend, Lifescouts will be there with a booth! All hundred badges will be for sale along with a few promo ones, including a special Summer In The City exclusive badge :D

For everyone else, I have two new badge-related things to announce today …

1) Badge Packs
To try and keep the badges affordable, we’ve grouped sets of badges into packs of five and priced them at ten pounds each. There are ten packs including Travel, Adrenaline and Rainy Day. Hope it’ll help your Lifescouts collection or encourage you to get some new badges :)

2) Challenge Badges
I’m really excited about these … they’re a FANTASTIC way of encouraging you to try something new and were an absolute smash when we sold them at MCM in May. Basically, a challenge badge is a badge you buy without knowing what it is. We send you the badge (selected at random) and then, whatever you receive, you have to complete! The challenge is set. Fifty of our badges are eligible to be selected for a challenge badge, they make great gifts and fun things to do with friends, and if you’re stuck on what badge to get next it’s the perfect way of selecting something new!

Everything as always is available from our store and we ship worldwide :)